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June 10th

440 Notable birthdays

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Member of the british royal family, husband of queen elizabeth ii (1921–2021).

Born June 10th, 1921 in Mon Repos. [ref]

Died April 9th, 2021 at 99 years old in Windsor Castle (old age). [ref]

Judy Garland

American actress and singer (1922–1969).

Born June 10th, 1922 in Grand Rapids. [ref]

Died June 22nd, 1969 at 47 years old in Chelsea (barbiturate overdose).

Elizabeth Hurley

English actress and model (born 1965).

Born June 10th, 1965 (age 57 years) in Basingstoke.

Kate Upton

American model and actress.

Born June 10th, 1992 (age 30 years) in St. Joseph.

Bill Burr

American comedian, actor, and writer (born 1968).

Born June 10th, 1968 (age 54 years) in Canton.

Carlo Ancelotti

Italian association football manager and former player.

Born June 10th, 1959 (age 63 years) in Reggiolo. [ref]

Nandamuri Balakrishna

Indian film actor and politician.

Born June 10th, 1960 (age 62 years) in Chennai. [ref]

Faith Evans

American singer.

Born June 10th, 1973 (age 49 years) in Lakeland.

Robert Maxwell

Czechoslovak-born british media proprietor and member of parliament (1923-1991).

Born June 10th, 1923 in Solotvyno. [ref]

Died November 5th, 1991 at 68 years old in Tenerife (drowning). [ref]

Benjamin Millepied

French dancer and choreographer.

Born June 10th, 1977 (age 45 years) in Bordeaux.

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