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In the year 1922

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Betty White

American actress and comedian (1922–2021).

Born January 17th, 1922 in Oak Park. [ref]

Died December 31st, 2021 at 99 years old in Brentwood (stroke). [ref]

Judy Garland

American actress and singer (1922–1969).

Born June 10th, 1922 in Grand Rapids. [ref]

Died June 22nd, 1969 at 47 years old in Chelsea (barbiturate overdose).

Stan Lee

American comic book writer (1922-2018).

Born December 28th, 1922 in Manhattan. [ref]

Died November 12th, 2018 at 95 years old in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (acute myocardial infarction). [ref]

Doris Day

American actress and singer (1922–2019).

Born April 3rd, 1922 in Cincinnati. [ref]

Died May 13th, 2019 at 97 years old in Carmel Valley Village (pneumonia). [ref]

Christopher Lee

English actor (1922–2015).

Born May 27th, 1922 in Belgravia.

Died June 7th, 2015 at 93 years old in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (heart failure). [ref]

Dilip Kumar

Indian actor and politician.

Born December 11th, 1922 in Peshawar.

Died July 7th, 2021 at 98 years old in P. D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mumbai (prostate cancer). [ref]

Bea Arthur

American actress and comedian (1922–2009).

Born May 13th, 1922 in New York City.

Died April 25th, 2009 at 86 years old in Brentwood (cancer). [ref]

Ava Gardner

American actress (1922–1990).

Born December 24th, 1922 in Grabtown, Johnston County, North Carolina. [ref]

Died January 25th, 1990 at 67 years old in Westminster (pneumonia). [ref]

Kurt Vonnegut

American writer (1922–2007).

Born November 11th, 1922 in Indianapolis. [ref]

Died April 14th, 2007 at 84 years old in New York City (fall). [ref]

Carl Reiner

American actor (1922-2020).

Born March 20th, 1922 in The Bronx.

Died June 29th, 2020 at 98 years old in Beverly Hills.

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