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December 24th

392 Notable birthdays

Louis Tomlinson

English singer and songwriter.

Born December 24th, 1991 (age 32 years) in Doncaster.

Howard Hughes

American aviator, engineer, industrialist, and film producer (1905-1976).

Born December 24th, 1905 in Houston.

Died April 5th, 1976 at 70 years old in Houston (myocardial infarction, kidney failure). [ref]

Ricky Martin

Puerto rican singer.

Born December 24th, 1971 (age 52 years) in San Juan.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

10th prime minister of india in 1996 and from 1998–2004.

Born December 24th, 1924 in Gwalior.

Died August 16th, 2018 at 93 years old in New Delhi (diabetes). [ref]

Anthony Fauci

American immunologist and head of the u.s. national institute of allergy and infectious diseases.

Born December 24th, 1940 (age 83 years) in Brooklyn.

Anil Kapoor

Indian actor.

Born December 24th, 1959 (age 64 years) in Mumbai.

Kate Spade

American fashion designer.

Born December 24th, 1962 in Kansas City.

Died June 5th, 2018 at 55 years old in Manhattan (hanging). [ref]

Ava Gardner

American actress (1922–1990).

Born December 24th, 1922 in Grabtown, Johnston County, North Carolina. [ref]

Died January 25th, 1990 at 67 years old in Westminster (pneumonia). [ref]


British musician.

Born December 24th, 1945 in Burslem.

Died December 28th, 2015 at 70 years old in Los Angeles (heart failure, prostate cancer). [ref]

Ryan Seacrest

American television host, radio host and television producer.

Born December 24th, 1974 (age 49 years) in Dunwoody.

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