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In the year 1905

683 Notable birthdays

Howard Hughes

American aviator, engineer, industrialist, and film producer (1905-1976).

Born December 24th, 1905 in Houston.

Died April 5th, 1976 at 70 years old in Houston (myocardial infarction, kidney failure). [ref]

Fred Trump

American real estate developer; father of donald trump.

Born October 11th, 1905 in The Bronx.

Died June 25th, 1999 at 93 years old in New Hyde Park (pneumonia).

Ayn Rand

Russian-american writer and philosopher (1905–1982).

Born February 2nd, 1905 in Saint Petersburg. [ref]

Died March 6th, 1982 at 77 years old in New York City, Manhattan (heart failure). [ref]

Henry Fonda

American actor (1905-1982).

Born May 16th, 1905 in Grand Island. [ref]

Died August 12th, 1982 at 77 years old in Los Angeles (heart disease). [ref]

Simo Häyhä

Finnish combat sniper.

Born December 17th, 1905 in Rautjärvi.

Died April 1st, 2002 at 96 years old in Hamina.

Jean-Paul Sartre

French existentialist philosopher (1905–1980).

Born June 21st, 1905 in Paris. [ref]

Died April 15th, 1980 at 74 years old in 14th arrondissement of Paris (edema). [ref]

Albert Speer

German architect, minister of armaments and war production for nazi germany (1905-1981).

Born March 19th, 1905 in Mannheim. [ref]

Died September 1st, 1981 at 76 years old in London (stroke). [ref]

Bumpy Johnson

African-american mobster (1905-1968).

Born October 31st, 1905 in Charleston.

Died July 7th, 1968 at 62 years old in Harlem (myocardial infarction).

Greta Garbo

Swedish-american actress (1905-1990).

Born September 18th, 1905 in Katarina church parish. [ref]

Died April 15th, 1990 at 84 years old in New York City (pneumonia, kidney failure). [ref]

Dalton Trumbo

American screenwriter and novelist (1905-1976).

Born December 9th, 1905 in Montrose. [ref]

Died September 10th, 1976 at 70 years old in Los Angeles (myocardial infarction). [ref]

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