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Notables at age 53

1,689 Notable birthdays

Elon Musk

American business magnate (born 1971).

Born June 28th, 1971 (age 53 years) in Pretoria. [ref]

Mark Wahlberg

American actor.

Born June 5th, 1971 (age 53 years) in Boston.

Matt Damon

American actor, screenwriter, and producer.

Born October 8th, 1970 (age 53 years) in Cambridge.

Tonya Harding

American figure skater.

Born November 12th, 1970 (age 53 years) in Portland.

Christopher Nolan

British-american filmmaker (born 1970).

Born July 30th, 1970 (age 53 years) in London.

Jennifer Connelly

American actress.

Born December 12th, 1970 (age 53 years) in Cairo.

Ewan McGregor

Scottish actor.

Born March 31st, 1971 (age 53 years) in Perth.

Melissa McCarthy

American actress and comedian.

Born August 26th, 1970 (age 53 years) in Plainfield.

Ted Cruz

American politician (born 1970).

Born December 22nd, 1970 (age 53 years) in Foothills Medical Centre. [ref]

Saif Ali Khan

Indian film actor and producer.

Born August 16th, 1970 (age 53 years) in New Delhi.

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