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In the year 1965

1,581 Notable birthdays

Robert Downey Jr.

American actor (born 1965).

Born April 4th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Manhattan.

Shah Rukh Khan

Indian actor, producer and television personality.

Born November 2nd, 1965 (age 58 years) in New Delhi.

Dr. Dre

American rapper, record producer, and businessman (born 1965).

Born February 18th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Compton.

Salman Khan ji

Indian film actar, producer, playback singer and television personality.

Born December 27th, 1965 (age 58 years) in Indore.

The Undertaker

American professional wrestler.

Born March 24th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Houston.

Charlie Sheen

American film and television actor.

Born September 3rd, 1965 (age 58 years) in New York City.

J. K. Rowling

British author and philanthropist (born 1965).

Born July 31st, 1965 (age 58 years) in Yate. [ref]

Suge Knight

American record producer and music executive.

Born April 19th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Compton.

Aamir Khan

Indian actor, director and producer.

Born March 14th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Mumbai.

Brandon Lee

American actor and martial artist (1965-1993).

Born February 1st, 1965 in Oakland. [ref]

Died March 31st, 1993 at 28 years old in Wilmington (ballistic trauma). [ref]

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