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April 4th

489 Notable birthdays

Heath Ledger

Australian actor (1979–2008).

Born April 4th, 1979 in Perth. [ref]

Died January 22nd, 2008 at 28 years old in Manhattan (opioid overdose). [ref]

Robert Downey Jr.

American actor (born 1965).

Born April 4th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Manhattan.

Joaquín Guzmán Loera

Mexican drug lord and former leader of the sinaloa cartel.

Born April 4th, 1957 (age 67 years) in Badiraguato. [ref]

Natasha Lyonne

American actress (born 1979).

Born April 4th, 1979 (age 45 years) in Manhattan.

Maya Angelou

African-american poet and author (1928-2014).

Born April 4th, 1928 in St. Louis.

Died May 28th, 2014 at 86 years old in Winston-Salem (disease).

Jamie Lynn Spears

American actress and singer.

Born April 4th, 1991 (age 33 years) in McComb.

Hugo Weaving

British actor.

Born April 4th, 1960 (age 64 years) in Ibadan.

David Cross

American stand-up comedian.

Born April 4th, 1964 (age 60 years) in Roswell.

Anthony Perkins

American actor, director, and singer (1932-1992).

Born April 4th, 1932 in New York City. [ref]

Died September 12th, 1992 at 60 years old in Hollywood (pneumonia). [ref]

Graham Norton

Irish actor, comedian and television presenter.

Born April 4th, 1963 (age 61 years) in Clondalkin. [ref]

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