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Notables at age 46

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Ryan Reynolds

Canadian actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer.

Born October 23rd, 1976 (age 46 years) in Vancouver.

John Cena

American professional wrestler and actor.

Born April 23rd, 1977 (age 46 years) in West Newbury.


Colombian singer.

Born February 2nd, 1977 (age 46 years) in Barranquilla.

Floyd Mayweather

American boxer.

Born February 24th, 1977 (age 46 years) in Grand Rapids.

Benedict Cumberbatch

English actor.

Born July 19th, 1976 (age 46 years) in Hammersmith. [ref]

Alexander Skarsgård

Swedish actor.

Born August 25th, 1976 (age 46 years) in Vällingby.

Michael Fassbender

German-born irish actor.

Born April 2nd, 1977 (age 46 years) in Heidelberg.

Anna Faris

American actress.

Born November 29th, 1976 (age 46 years) in Baltimore.

Jessica Chastain

American actress and producer.

Born March 24th, 1977 (age 46 years) in Sacramento. [ref]

Orlando Bloom

British actor.

Born January 13th, 1977 (age 46 years) in Canterbury.

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