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January 27th

395 Notable birthdays

Tasuku Honjo

Japanese doctors and medical scientists (1942-).

Born January 27th, 1942 (age 82 years) in Kyoto. [ref]

Rosamund Pike

British actress.

Born January 27th, 1979 (age 45 years) in Hammersmith.

Wilhelm II

German emperor and king of prussia (1859-1941).

Born January 27th, 1859 in Kronprinzenpalais. [ref]

Died June 4th, 1941 at 82 years old in Huis Doorn (cardiovascular disease). [ref]

Patton Oswalt

American actor and comedian.

Born January 27th, 1969 (age 55 years) in Portsmouth.

Mimi Rogers

American actress.

Born January 27th, 1956 (age 68 years) in Coral Gables.

Bridget Fonda


Born January 27th, 1964 (age 60 years) in Los Angeles.

John Roberts

Chief justice of the united states since 2005 (born 1955).

Born January 27th, 1955 (age 69 years) in Buffalo.

Alan Cumming

Scottish actor.

Born January 27th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Aberfeldy.

James Cromwell

American actor and activist (born 1940).

Born January 27th, 1940 (age 84 years) in Los Angeles.

Bobby Deol

Indian actor.

Born January 27th, 1969 (age 55 years) in Mumbai.

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