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Notables at age 83

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Bob Dylan

American singer-songwriter (born 1941).

Born May 24th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Duluth. [ref]

Dick Cheney

Vice president of the united states from 2001 to 2009.

Born January 30th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Lincoln.

Martin Sheen

American actor.

Born August 3rd, 1940 (age 83 years) in Dayton. [ref]

Anthony Fauci

American immunologist and head of the u.s. national institute of allergy and infectious diseases.

Born December 24th, 1940 (age 83 years) in Brooklyn.

Hayao Miyazaki

Japanese animator, film director, and mangaka (1941-).

Born January 5th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Bunkyō-ku. [ref]


Swedish-american actress, singer, and dancer.

Born April 28th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Valsjöbyn.

Neil Diamond

American recording artist; singer-songwriter.

Born January 24th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Brooklyn.

Robert Kraft

American businessman and philanthropist.

Born June 5th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Brookline.

Nick Nolte

American actor.

Born February 8th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Omaha.

Faye Dunaway

American actress.

Born January 14th, 1941 (age 83 years) in Bascom. [ref]

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