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March 14th

432 Notable birthdays

Albert Einstein

German-born theoretical physicist; developer of the theory of relativity (1879–1955).

Born March 14th, 1879 in Ulm. [ref]

Died April 18th, 1955 at 76 years old in Princeton (abdominal aortic aneurysm). [ref]

Stephen Curry

American basketball player (born 1988).

Born March 14th, 1988 (age 36 years) in Akron. [ref]

Aamir Khan

Indian actor, director and producer.

Born March 14th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Mumbai.

Simone Biles

American olympic gymnast.

Born March 14th, 1997 (age 27 years) in Columbus. [ref]

Michael Caine

British actor.

Born March 14th, 1933 (age 91 years) in Rotherhithe. [ref]

Quincy Jones

American record producer and composer.

Born March 14th, 1933 (age 91 years) in Chicago.

Jamie Bell

English actor.

Born March 14th, 1986 (age 38 years) in Billingham.

Ansel Elgort

American actor.

Born March 14th, 1994 (age 30 years) in Manhattan.

Sasha Grey

American actress, model, musician and former pornographic actress.

Born March 14th, 1988 (age 36 years) in North Highlands.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco

Prince of monaco.

Born March 14th, 1958 (age 66 years) in Prince's Palace of Monaco.

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