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In the year 1997

1,363 Notable birthdays

Kylie Jenner

American model and businesswoman.

Born August 10th, 1997 (age 26 years) in Los Angeles. [ref]

Camila Cabello

Cuban-american singer, actress and songwriter.

Born March 3rd, 1997 (age 27 years) in Cojímar. [ref]

Bella Thorne

American actress, singer and dancer.

Born October 8th, 1997 (age 26 years) in Pembroke Pines.

Chloë Grace Moretz

American actress and model.

Born February 10th, 1997 (age 27 years) in Atlanta. [ref]

Jake Paul

American youtuber and internet personality.

Born January 17th, 1997 (age 27 years) in Cleveland. [ref]

Maisie Williams

British actress.

Born April 15th, 1997 (age 27 years) in Bristol.

Naomi Osaka

Japanese tennis player.

Born October 16th, 1997 (age 26 years) in Chūō-ku.

Malala Yousafzai

Pakistani children's education activist.

Born July 12th, 1997 (age 26 years) in Mingora. [ref]

Simone Biles

American olympic gymnast.

Born March 14th, 1997 (age 27 years) in Columbus. [ref]

Marcus Rashford

English association football player.

Born October 31st, 1997 (age 26 years) in Manchester.

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