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Notables at age 57

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Shah Rukh Khan

Indian actor, producer and television personality.

Born November 2nd, 1965 (age 57 years) in New Delhi.

Salman Khan ji

Indian film actar, producer, playback singer and television personality.

Born December 27th, 1965 (age 57 years) in Indore.

Charlie Sheen

American film and television actor.

Born September 3rd, 1965 (age 57 years) in New York City.

J. K. Rowling

British author and philanthropist (born 1965).

Born July 31st, 1965 (age 57 years) in Yate. [ref]

Helena Bonham Carter

English actress (born 1966).

Born May 26th, 1966 (age 57 years) in Islington.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

American actor.

Born April 22nd, 1966 (age 57 years) in Seattle.

Robin Wright

American actress.

Born April 8th, 1966 (age 57 years) in Dallas.

Ben Stiller

American actor and comedian (born 1965).

Born November 30th, 1965 (age 57 years) in New York City.

Janet Jackson

American singer, songwriter and actress.

Born May 16th, 1966 (age 57 years) in Gary.

Scottie Pippen

American basketball player.

Born September 25th, 1965 (age 57 years) in Hamburg. [ref]

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