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August 31st

382 Notable birthdays

Andrew Cunanan

American spree killer (1969–1997).

Born August 31st, 1969 in National City.

Died July 23rd, 1997 at 27 years old in Miami Beach Architectural District (ballistic trauma).

Richard Gere

American actor (born 1949).

Born August 31st, 1949 (age 74 years) in Philadelphia.

Van Morrison

Northern irish musician.

Born August 31st, 1945 (age 78 years) in Belfast.

Jeff Hardy

American professional wrestler.

Born August 31st, 1977 (age 46 years) in Cameron.

Marcia Clark

American prosecutor, author, and television correspondent.

Born August 31st, 1953 (age 70 years) in Berkeley.

Chris Tucker

American actor and comedian.

Born August 31st, 1971 (age 52 years) in Atlanta.

Sara Ramirez

Mexican-american actor and singer.

Born August 31st, 1975 (age 48 years) in Mazatlán.

Larry Fitzgerald

All-american college football player, professional football player, wide receiver.

Born August 31st, 1983 (age 40 years) in Minneapolis.

James Coburn

American actor (1928-2002).

Born August 31st, 1928 in Laurel. [ref]

Died November 18th, 2002 at 74 years old in Beverly Hills (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Gary Webb

American investigative journalist.

Born August 31st, 1955 in Corona.

Died December 10th, 2004 at 49 years old in Carmichael (ballistic trauma). [ref]

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