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Notables at age 49

1,818 Notable birthdays

Leonardo DiCaprio

American actor and film producer.

Born November 11th, 1974 (age 49 years) in Los Angeles. [ref]

Angelina Jolie

American actress (born 1975).

Born June 4th, 1975 (age 49 years) in Los Angeles.

Bradley Cooper

American actor.

Born January 5th, 1975 (age 49 years) in Philadelphia.

Joaquin Phoenix

American actor.

Born October 28th, 1974 (age 49 years) in San Juan.

David Beckham

English association football player.

Born May 2nd, 1975 (age 49 years) in Leytonstone. [ref]

Sarah Paulson

American actress.

Born December 17th, 1974 (age 49 years) in Tampa.

Drew Barrymore

American actress.

Born February 22nd, 1975 (age 49 years) in Culver City.

Amy Adams

American actress.

Born August 20th, 1974 (age 49 years) in Vicenza.

50 Cent

American rapper and actor (born 1975).

Born July 6th, 1975 (age 49 years) in South Jamaica.

Tobey Maguire

American actor and film producer.

Born June 27th, 1975 (age 49 years) in Santa Monica.

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