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Notables at age 71

1,081 Notable birthdays

Vladimir Putin

President of russia (1999–2008, 2012–present).

Born October 7th, 1952 (age 71 years) in Saint Petersburg. [ref]

Pierce Brosnan

Irish actor.

Born May 16th, 1953 (age 71 years) in Drogheda.

Jeff Goldblum

American actor and musician.

Born October 22nd, 1952 (age 71 years) in Pittsburgh.

Imran Khan

22nd prime minister of pakistan from 2018 to 2022.

Born November 25th, 1952 (age 71 years) in Lahore. [ref]

Tim Allen

American actor and comedian.

Born June 13th, 1953 (age 71 years) in Denver.

John Goodman

American actor, voice artist and comedian (born 1952).

Born June 20th, 1952 (age 71 years) in St. Louis. [ref]

David Berkowitz

American serial killer.

Born June 1st, 1953 (age 71 years) in Brooklyn.

Tony Blair

Prime minister of the united kingdom from 1997 to 2007.

Born May 6th, 1953 (age 71 years) in Edinburgh. [ref]

Mary Steenburgen

American actress, singer and songwriter.

Born February 8th, 1953 (age 71 years) in Newport.

Dan Aykroyd

Canadian film actor and comedian.

Born July 1st, 1952 (age 71 years) in Ottawa.

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