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April 9th

436 Notable birthdays

Kristen Stewart

American actress and filmmaker (born 1990).

Born April 9th, 1990 (age 34 years) in Los Angeles.

Hugh Hefner

American businessman and magazine publisher (1926-2017).

Born April 9th, 1926 in Chicago. [ref]

Died September 27th, 2017 at 91 years old in Playboy Mansion (sepsis). [ref]

Dennis Quaid

American actor.

Born April 9th, 1954 (age 70 years) in Houston.

Lil Nas X

American rapper and singer (born 1999).

Born April 9th, 1999 (age 25 years) in Lithia Springs.

Elle Fanning

American actress.

Born April 9th, 1998 (age 26 years) in Conyers.

Leighton Meester

American actress and singer (1986–).

Born April 9th, 1986 (age 38 years) in Fort Worth. [ref]

Jenna Jameson

American entrepreneur, webcam model, and former pornographic actress.

Born April 9th, 1974 (age 50 years) in Las Vegas.

Gerard Way

American musician and comic book writer.

Born April 9th, 1977 (age 47 years) in Summit. [ref]

Cynthia Nixon

American actress and politician.

Born April 9th, 1966 (age 58 years) in New York City.

Jesse McCartney

American actor.

Born April 9th, 1987 (age 37 years) in New York City.

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