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April 8th

440 Notable birthdays

Chris Kyle

American war veteran and author.

Born April 8th, 1974 in Odessa. [ref]

Died February 2nd, 2013 at 38 years old in Erath County (ballistic trauma).

Robin Wright

American actress.

Born April 8th, 1966 (age 58 years) in Dallas.

Gennady Golovkin

Kazakhstani boxer.

Born April 8th, 1982 (age 42 years) in Karaganda.

Allu Arjun

Indian actor.

Born April 8th, 1983 (age 41 years) in Chennai. [ref]

Patricia Arquette

American actress.

Born April 8th, 1968 (age 56 years) in Chicago.

Katee Sackhoff

American actress.

Born April 8th, 1980 (age 44 years) in Portland.

Taylor Kitsch

Canadian actor and model.

Born April 8th, 1981 (age 43 years) in Kelowna.

Julian Lennon

English musician; son of john lennon.

Born April 8th, 1963 (age 61 years) in Liverpool.

Nithya Menen

Indian actress (1987-).

Born April 8th, 1988 (age 36 years) in Bengaluru.

Ezra Koenig

American rock musician.

Born April 8th, 1984 (age 40 years) in New York City.

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