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In the year 1949

1,412 Notable birthdays

Pablo Escobar

Colombian drug lord (1949–1993).

Born December 1st, 1949 in Rionegro. [ref]

Died December 2nd, 1993 at 44 years old in Medellín (ballistic trauma). [ref]

Caitlyn Jenner

American media personality and retired decathlete.

Born December 28th, 1949 (age 74 years) in Mount Kisco. [ref]

Meryl Streep

American actress.

Born June 22nd, 1949 (age 75 years) in Summit. [ref]

Ivana Trump

Czech-american businesswoman (1949–2022).

Born February 20th, 1949 in Zlín. [ref]

Died July 14th, 2022 at 73 years old in New York (falling). [ref]

Bruce Springsteen

American musician, singer, and composer.

Born September 23rd, 1949 (age 74 years) in Long Branch.

Elizabeth Warren

American politician (born 1949).

Born June 22nd, 1949 (age 75 years) in Oklahoma City.

Richard Gere

American actor (born 1949).

Born August 31st, 1949 (age 74 years) in Philadelphia.

Billy Joel

American singer-songwriter and pianist.

Born May 9th, 1949 (age 75 years) in New York City.

Ric Flair

American retired professional wrestler (''nature boy'').

Born February 25th, 1949 (age 75 years) in Memphis. [ref]

Jeremy Corbyn

Former leader of the british labour party, mp for islington north.

Born May 26th, 1949 (age 75 years) in Chippenham. [ref]

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