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May 26th

444 Notable birthdays

Helena Bonham Carter

English actress (born 1966).

Born May 26th, 1966 (age 57 years) in Islington.

John Wayne

American actor (1907–1979).

Born May 26th, 1907 in Winterset. [ref]

Died June 11th, 1979 at 72 years old in Westwood (stomach cancer). [ref]

Stevie Nicks

American singer and songwriter, member of fleetwood mac.

Born May 26th, 1948 (age 75 years) in Phoenix.

Michael Oher

American football player.

Born May 26th, 1986 (age 37 years) in Memphis.

Lenny Kravitz

American singer and musician.

Born May 26th, 1964 (age 59 years) in New York City.

Mary of Teck

Queen consort of the united kingdom empress of india.

Born May 26th, 1867 in Kensington Palace.

Died March 24th, 1953 at 85 years old in Marlborough House (lung cancer).

Jeremy Corbyn

Former leader of the british labour party, mp for islington north.

Born May 26th, 1949 (age 74 years) in Chippenham. [ref]

Lauryn Hill

American rapper and singer.

Born May 26th, 1975 (age 48 years) in East Orange, Newark.

Miles Davis

American jazz musician (1926–1991).

Born May 26th, 1926 in Alton. [ref]

Died September 28th, 1991 at 65 years old in Santa Monica (pneumonia, stroke). [ref]

Laurence Fox

English actor and political activist.

Born May 26th, 1978 (age 45 years) in Yorkshire.

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