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In the year 1867

302 Notable birthdays

Marie Curie

Polish physicist and chemist nationalized french (1867-1934).

Born November 7th, 1867 in Warsaw. [ref]

Died July 4th, 1934 at 66 years old in Sancellemoz (aplastic anemia). [ref]

Mary of Teck

Queen consort of the united kingdom empress of india.

Born May 26th, 1867 in Kensington Palace.

Died March 24th, 1953 at 85 years old in Marlborough House (lung cancer).

Madam C. J. Walker

American entrepreneur (1867-1919).

Born December 23rd, 1867 in Delta.

Died May 25th, 1919 at 51 years old in Irvington.

Frank Lloyd Wright

American architect (1867-1959).

Born June 8th, 1867 in Richland Center. [ref]

Died April 9th, 1959 at 91 years old in Phoenix (surgical complications). [ref]

Laura Ingalls Wilder

American children's writer, diarist, and journalist.

Born February 7th, 1867 in Pepin County. [ref]

Died February 10th, 1957 at 90 years old in Mansfield (diabetes). [ref]

Margaret Brown

Survivor of the sinking of the titanic (1867-1932).

Born July 18th, 1867 in Hannibal.

Died October 26th, 1932 at 65 years old in New York City (brain cancer).

Stanley Baldwin

Former prime minister of the united kingdom (1867-1947).

Born August 3rd, 1867 in Bewdley. [ref]

Died December 14th, 1947 at 80 years old in Bewdley. [ref]

Cy Young

American baseball player.

Born March 29th, 1867 in Gilmore.

Died November 4th, 1955 at 88 years old in Newcomerstown.

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim

Finnish military leader and statesman (1867–1951).

Born June 16th, 1867 in Askainen. [ref]

Died January 27th, 1951 at 83 years old in Lausanne (bowel obstruction).

Józef Piłsudski

Polish politician, first marshall, and prime minister (1867–1935).

Born December 5th, 1867 in Zalavas. [ref]

Died May 12th, 1935 at 67 years old in Warsaw (liver cancer). [ref]

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