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Notables at age 81

756 Notable birthdays

Joe Biden

President of the united states since 2021.

Born November 20th, 1942 (age 81 years) in St. Mary's Hospital.

Amitabh Bachchan

Indian actor.

Born October 11th, 1942 (age 81 years) in Allahabad. [ref]

Martin Scorsese

American film director, screenwriter and producer.

Born November 17th, 1942 (age 81 years) in Queens. [ref]

Joe Pesci

American actor, comedian and musician.

Born February 9th, 1943 (age 81 years) in Newark.

Christopher Walken

American actor.

Born March 31st, 1943 (age 81 years) in Astoria.

Holland Taylor

American actress.

Born January 14th, 1943 (age 81 years) in Philadelphia.

Katharine Ross

Actor and author.

Born January 29th, 1943 (age 81 years) in Hollywood.

Ian McShane

English actor (born 1942).

Born September 29th, 1942 (age 81 years) in Blackburn.

Robert Shapiro

American lawyer.

Born September 2nd, 1942 (age 81 years) in Plainfield.

Billy Connolly

Scottish actor and comedian.

Born November 24th, 1942 (age 81 years) in Glasgow.

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