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In the year 1943

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Robert De Niro

American actor (born 1943).

Born August 17th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Greenwich Village. [ref]

Sharon Tate

American actress and model (1943–1969).

Born January 24th, 1943 in Dallas. [ref]

Died August 9th, 1969 at 26 years old in 10050 Cielo Drive, Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles (stabbing). [ref]

George Harrison

British musician and lead guitarist of the beatles (1943-2001).

Born February 25th, 1943 in Liverpool. [ref]

Died November 29th, 2001 at 58 years old in Los Angeles (lung cancer). [ref]

Mick Jagger

English songwriter, singer of the rolling stones.

Born July 26th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Dartford.

Danny DeVito

American actor, comedian, and filmmaker.

Born November 13th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Neptune Township.

Jim Morrison

American singer; lead vocalist of the doors (1943–1971).

Born December 8th, 1943 in Melbourne. [ref]

Died July 3rd, 1971 at 27 years old in Paris (cardiac arrest). [ref]

Janis Joplin

American singer (1943–1970).

Born January 19th, 1943 in Port Arthur. [ref]

Died October 4th, 1970 at 27 years old in Hollywood (opioid overdose). [ref]

Joe Pesci

American actor, comedian and musician.

Born February 9th, 1943 (age 81 years) in Newark.

Chevy Chase

American comedian, writer, and television and film actor.

Born October 8th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Manhattan.

Christopher Walken

American actor.

Born March 31st, 1943 (age 81 years) in Astoria.

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