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December 8th

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Nicki Minaj

Trinidadian rapper and singer (born 1982).

Born December 8th, 1982 (age 41 years) in Saint James.

Jim Morrison

American singer; lead vocalist of the doors (1943–1971).

Born December 8th, 1943 in Melbourne. [ref]

Died July 3rd, 1971 at 27 years old in Paris (cardiac arrest). [ref]

Ian Somerhalder

American actor.

Born December 8th, 1978 (age 45 years) in Covington.

Kim Basinger

American actress.

Born December 8th, 1953 (age 70 years) in Athens.

Raheem Sterling

English association football player.

Born December 8th, 1994 (age 29 years) in Kingston.

Sinéad O'Connor

Irish singer-songwriter.

Born December 8th, 1966 in Glenageary.

Died July 26th, 2023 at 56 years old in London. [ref]


Indian actor and politician.

Born December 8th, 1935 (age 88 years) in Nasrali.

David Carradine

American actor (1936–2009).

Born December 8th, 1936 in Hollywood. [ref]

Died June 3rd, 2009 at 72 years old in Bangkok (erotic asphyxiation). [ref]

Ann Coulter

American author, political commentator.

Born December 8th, 1961 (age 62 years) in New York City.

Dwight Howard

American basketball player.

Born December 8th, 1985 (age 38 years) in Atlanta. [ref]

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