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November 13th

362 Notable birthdays

Danny DeVito

American actor, comedian, and filmmaker.

Born November 13th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Neptune Township.

Gerard Butler

Scottish actor and film producer (born 1969).

Born November 13th, 1969 (age 54 years) in Paisley.

Whoopi Goldberg

American actress, comedian, author and television personality.

Born November 13th, 1955 (age 68 years) in New York City.

Jimmy Kimmel

American talk show host and comedian.

Born November 13th, 1967 (age 56 years) in Brooklyn.

Emma Raducanu

British professional tennis player.

Born November 13th, 2002 (age 21 years) in Toronto. [ref]

Juhi Chawla

Indian actress.

Born November 13th, 1967 (age 56 years) in Ambala.

Merrick Garland

American judge and 86th united states attorney general.

Born November 13th, 1952 (age 71 years) in Chicago.

Greg Abbott

Governor of texas since 2015.

Born November 13th, 1957 (age 66 years) in Wichita Falls.

Steve Zahn

American stand-up comedian.

Born November 13th, 1967 (age 56 years) in Marshall.

Garry Marshall

American actor and filmmaker (1934–2016).

Born November 13th, 1934 in The Bronx.

Died July 19th, 2016 at 81 years old in Burbank (pneumonia).

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