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April 6th

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Paul Rudd

American actor.

Born April 6th, 1969 (age 55 years) in Passaic.

Candace Cameron Bure

American actress, producer, author, and talk show panelist, as well as star on full house.

Born April 6th, 1976 (age 48 years) in Panorama City.

Charles Sobhraj

French serial killer.

Born April 6th, 1944 (age 80 years) in Ho Chi Minh City. [ref]

Zach Braff

American actor.

Born April 6th, 1975 (age 49 years) in South Orange. [ref]

Peyton List

American actress and model.

Born April 6th, 1998 (age 26 years) in Florida.

Merle Haggard

American country music songwriter, singer, and musician (1937–2016).

Born April 6th, 1937 in Bakersfield.

Died April 6th, 2016 at 79 years old in Palo Cedro (pneumonia). [ref]

Michael Rooker

American actor.

Born April 6th, 1955 (age 69 years) in Jasper. [ref]

Billy Dee Williams

American actor, artist, and singer.

Born April 6th, 1937 (age 87 years) in New York City.

John Ratzenberger

American actor.

Born April 6th, 1947 (age 77 years) in Bridgeport.

Jerry Krause

American sports executive.

Born April 6th, 1939 in Chicago. [ref]

Died March 21st, 2017 at 77 years old in Chicago. [ref]

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