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May 21st

422 Notable birthdays

Jeffrey Dahmer

American serial killer, cannibal and necrophile (1960-1994).

Born May 21st, 1960 in Milwaukee. [ref]

Died November 28th, 1994 at 34 years old in Portage (blunt trauma, head injury). [ref]

The Notorious B.I.G.

American rapper.

Born May 21st, 1972 in Brooklyn.

Died March 9th, 1997 at 24 years old in Los Angeles (ballistic trauma). [ref]

Chris Benoit

Canadian professional wrestler (1967–2007).

Born May 21st, 1967 in Montreal.

Died June 24th, 2007 at 40 years old in Fayetteville (hanging). [ref]

Noel Fielding

British comedian and actor.

Born May 21st, 1973 (age 51 years) in Westminster.

Mr. T

American actor and professional wrestler.

Born May 21st, 1952 (age 72 years) in Chicago.


Indian film actor.

Born May 21st, 1960 (age 64 years) in Elanthoor. [ref]

Aditya Chopra

Indian film director and producer.

Born May 21st, 1971 (age 53 years) in Mumbai.

Al Franken

American comedian and former u.s. senator (born 1951).

Born May 21st, 1951 (age 73 years) in Manhattan.

Fairuza Balk

American actress.

Born May 21st, 1974 (age 50 years) in Point Reyes Station.

Tom Daley

British diver.

Born May 21st, 1994 (age 30 years) in Plymouth.

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