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In the year 1951

1,325 Notable birthdays

Robin Williams

American actor and comedian (1951–2014).

Born July 21st, 1951 in Chicago. [ref]

Died August 11th, 2014 at 63 years old in Tiburon (hanging). [ref]

Kurt Russell

American actor (born 1951).

Born March 17th, 1951 (age 72 years) in Springfield.

Mark Hamill

American actor.

Born September 25th, 1951 (age 71 years) in Oakland.

Phil Collins

British musician.

Born January 30th, 1951 (age 72 years) in Chiswick.

Stellan Skarsgård

Swedish actor (born 1951).

Born June 13th, 1951 (age 71 years) in Gothenburg.

Jill Biden

American educator, wife of joe biden and first lady of the united states.

Born June 3rd, 1951 (age 71 years) in Hammonton. [ref]

Michael Keaton

American actor.

Born September 5th, 1951 (age 71 years) in Coraopolis.


British musician.

Born October 2nd, 1951 (age 71 years) in Wallsend.

Ben Carson

17th united states secretary of housing and urban development; american neurosurgeon.

Born September 18th, 1951 (age 71 years) in Detroit.

Mark Harmon

American actor.

Born September 2nd, 1951 (age 71 years) in Burbank.

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