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Notables at age 73

1,040 Notable birthdays

Narendra Modi

Prime minister of india since 2014.

Born September 17th, 1950 (age 73 years) in Vadnagar.

Anne, Princess Royal

Daughter of queen elizabeth ii and prince philip, duke of edinburgh.

Born August 15th, 1950 (age 73 years) in Clarence House.

Kurt Russell

American actor (born 1951).

Born March 17th, 1951 (age 73 years) in Springfield.

Bill Murray

American actor and comedian.

Born September 21st, 1950 (age 73 years) in Wilmette.

Phil Collins

British musician.

Born January 30th, 1951 (age 73 years) in Chiswick.

Stellan SkarsgÄrd

Swedish actor (born 1951).

Born June 13th, 1951 (age 73 years) in Gothenburg.

Jill Biden

American educator, wife of joe biden and first lady of the united states.

Born June 3rd, 1951 (age 73 years) in Hammonton. [ref]


Indian actor.

Born December 12th, 1950 (age 73 years) in Nachikuppam Gram Panchayat.

Richard Branson

British entrepreneur and business magnate.

Born July 18th, 1950 (age 73 years) in Blackheath. [ref]

Steve Wozniak

American computer pioneer, inventor, computer engineer and programmer; co-founder of apple inc..

Born August 11th, 1950 (age 73 years) in San Jose.

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