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Notables at age 54

1,700 Notable birthdays

Melania Trump

First lady of the united states (2017–2021), model, and businesswoman.

Born April 26th, 1970 (age 54 years) in Novo Mesto. [ref]

Jennifer Lopez

American artist and business woman.

Born July 24th, 1969 (age 54 years) in The Bronx. [ref]

Matthew McConaughey

American actor.

Born November 4th, 1969 (age 54 years) in Uvalde.

Ice Cube

American rapper and actor (born 1969).

Born June 15th, 1969 (age 54 years) in Los Angeles.

Gwen Stefani

American singer-songwriter.

Born October 3rd, 1969 (age 54 years) in Fullerton.

Rachel Weisz

British actress.

Born March 7th, 1970 (age 54 years) in Westminster.


American rapper and businessman from new york (born 1969).

Born December 4th, 1969 (age 54 years) in Brooklyn.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Welsh actress.

Born September 25th, 1969 (age 54 years) in Swansea.

Gerard Butler

Scottish actor and film producer (born 1969).

Born November 13th, 1969 (age 54 years) in Paisley.

Uma Thurman

American actress and model.

Born April 29th, 1970 (age 54 years) in Boston. [ref]

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