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December 15th

419 Notable birthdays

J. Paul Getty

American industrialist and art collector (1892-1976).

Born December 15th, 1892 in Minneapolis.

Died June 6th, 1976 at 83 years old in Guildford (heart failure). [ref]

Don Johnson

American actor and singer.

Born December 15th, 1949 (age 74 years) in Flat Creek.

Adam Brody

American actor.

Born December 15th, 1979 (age 44 years) in San Diego.

Jesse Lingard

English association football player.

Born December 15th, 1992 (age 31 years) in Warrington.

Michelle Dockery

British actress and singer.

Born December 15th, 1981 (age 42 years) in Rush Green Hospital.

Geeta Phogat

Indian wrestler.

Born December 15th, 1988 (age 35 years) in Balali.

Stuart Townsend

Irish actor.

Born December 15th, 1972 (age 51 years) in Howth.

Maude Apatow

American actress.

Born December 15th, 1997 (age 26 years) in Los Banos.

Charlie Cox

English actor.

Born December 15th, 1982 (age 41 years) in Westminster.

Tim Conway

American stand-up comedian (1933-2019).

Born December 15th, 1933 in Willoughby.

Died May 14th, 2019 at 85 years old in Los Angeles (normal pressure hydrocephalus).

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