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Notables at age 32

2,339 Notable birthdays

Louis Tomlinson

English singer and songwriter.

Born December 24th, 1991 (age 32 years) in Doncaster.

Lali EspĆ³sito

Argentine actress and singer (born 1991).

Born October 10th, 1991 (age 32 years) in Buenos Aires.


Brazilian association football player.

Born February 5th, 1992 (age 32 years) in Mogi das Cruzes. [ref]

Shailene Woodley

American actress.

Born November 15th, 1991 (age 32 years) in San Bernardino.

Mohamed Salah

Egyptian association football player.

Born June 15th, 1992 (age 32 years) in Nagrig.

Daisy Ridley

British actress.

Born April 10th, 1992 (age 32 years) in Westminster. [ref]

Kyrie Irving

American basketball player.

Born March 23rd, 1992 (age 32 years) in Melbourne. [ref]

Dylan O'Brien

American actor (born 1991).

Born August 26th, 1991 (age 32 years) in New York City.

Freddie Highmore

English actor/director.

Born February 14th, 1992 (age 32 years) in Camden Town.

Billie Lourd

American actress.

Born July 17th, 1992 (age 32 years) in Los Angeles.

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