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November 1st

465 Notable birthdays

Jenny McCarthy

American actress, model, activist, television personality and author (1972-).

Born November 1st, 1972 (age 50 years) in Evergreen Park.

Ken Miles

British racing driver.

Born November 1st, 1918 in Sutton Coldfield.

Died August 17th, 1966 at 47 years old in Riverside International Raceway.

Lil Peep

American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

Born November 1st, 1996 in Allentown.

Died November 15th, 2017 at 21 years old in Tucson (drug overdose).

David Foster

Canadian musician, record producer, songwriter.

Born November 1st, 1949 (age 73 years) in Victoria.

Penn Badgley

American actor and musician.

Born November 1st, 1986 (age 36 years) in Baltimore.

Toni Collette

Australian actress and musician.

Born November 1st, 1972 (age 50 years) in Glebe.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Indian actress.

Born November 1st, 1973 (age 49 years) in Mangalore.

Tim Cook

American business executive.

Born November 1st, 1960 (age 62 years) in Mobile. [ref]

Anthony Kiedi

American singer.

Born November 1st, 1962 (age 60 years) in Grand Rapids.

Ileana D'Cruz

Indian-portuguese film actress.

Born November 1st, 1986 (age 36 years) in Mumbai. [ref]

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