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In the year 1893

537 Notable birthdays

Mao Zedong

Chairman of the chinese communist party & founding father of the people's republic of china (1893–1976).

Born December 26th, 1893 in Mao Zedong's Former Residence. [ref]

Died September 9th, 1976 at 82 years old in Zhongnanhai (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Hermann Göring

German nazi politician, military leader and convicted war criminal (1893–1946).

Born January 12th, 1893 in Rosenheim. [ref]

Died October 15th, 1946 at 53 years old in Nuremberg, Nuremberg Court Prison (cyanide poisoning). [ref]

Ip Man

Hong kong martial artist (1893–1972).

Born October 1st, 1893 in Foshan.

Died December 2nd, 1972 at 79 years old in Hong Kong (head and neck cancer).

Huey Long

American politician, governor of louisiana, and united states senator (1893-1935).

Born August 30th, 1893 in Winnfield. [ref]

Died September 10th, 1935 at 42 years old in Baton Rouge (ballistic trauma). [ref]

Mae West

American actress and sex symbol (1893-1980).

Born August 17th, 1893 in Brooklyn. [ref]

Died November 22nd, 1980 at 87 years old in Hollywood (stroke). [ref]

Mary Pickford

Canadian-american actress (1892-1979).

Born April 8th, 1893 in Toronto. [ref]

Died May 29th, 1979 at 86 years old in Santa Monica (cerebral hemorrhage). [ref]

Edward G. Robinson

Romanian-american actor (1893-1973).

Born December 12th, 1893 in Bucharest. [ref]

Died January 26th, 1973 at 79 years old in Hollywood (bladder cancer). [ref]

Omar Bradley

United states army general (1893–1981).

Born February 12th, 1893 in Clark.

Died April 8th, 1981 at 88 years old in New York City.

Roy O. Disney

American businessman (1893–1971).

Born June 24th, 1893 in Chicago.

Died December 20th, 1971 at 78 years old in Burbank (cerebral hemorrhage).

Edsel Bryant Ford

American businessman.

Born November 6th, 1893 in Detroit.

Died May 26th, 1943 at 49 years old in Grosse Pointe Shores (stomach cancer).

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