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In the year 1884

501 Notable birthdays

Harry S Truman

President of the united states from 1945 to 1953.

Born May 8th, 1884 in Lamar. [ref]

Died December 26th, 1972 at 88 years old in Kansas City (pneumonia, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome). [ref]

Eleanor Roosevelt

American politician, diplomat, activist; first lady of the united states (1884-1962).

Born October 11th, 1884 in Manhattan. [ref]

Died November 7th, 1962 at 78 years old in Upper East Side (tuberculosis). [ref]

Rajendra Prasad

President of india from 1950 to 1962.

Born December 3rd, 1884 in Ziradei. [ref]

Died February 28th, 1963 at 78 years old in Patna. [ref]

Hideki Tojo

Japanese prime minister and general, convicted war criminal (1884-1948).

Born December 30th, 1884 in Kōjimachi-ku.

Died December 23rd, 1948 at 63 years old in Sugamo Prison (hanging).

Isoroku Yamamoto

Japanese marshal admiral.

Born April 4th, 1884 in Nagaoka.

Died April 18th, 1943 at 59 years old in Bougainville Island (killed in action).

Alice Lee Roosevelt

American writer and socialite (1884–1980).

Born February 12th, 1884 in Manhattan.

Died February 20th, 1980 at 96 years old in Washington, D.C..

Amedeo Modigliani

Italian painter and sculptor (1884–1920).

Born July 12th, 1884 in Livorno. [ref]

Died January 24th, 1920 at 35 years old in Paris (poisoning, tuberculous meningitis). [ref]

Billie Burke

American stage and film actress (1884-1970).

Born August 7th, 1884 in Washington, D.C..

Died May 14th, 1970 at 85 years old in Los Angeles (Alzheimer's disease). [ref]

Evelyn Nesbit

American model and actress.

Born December 25th, 1884 in Tarentum.

Died January 17th, 1967 at 82 years old in Santa Monica.

Louis B. Mayer

Canadian-american film producer (1884–1957).

Born July 12th, 1884 in Dymer.

Died October 29th, 1957 at 73 years old in Los Angeles (leukemia).

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