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July 11th

435 Notable birthdays

Alessia Cara

Canadian-italian singer and songwriter.

Born July 11th, 1996 (age 28 years) in Mississauga. [ref]

Yul Brynner

Russian-born actor (1920–1985).

Born July 11th, 1920 in Vladivostok. [ref]

Died October 10th, 1985 at 65 years old in New York City (lung cancer). [ref]

Lil' Kim

American rapper from new york.

Born July 11th, 1974 (age 50 years) in Bedford–Stuyvesant.

Caroline Wozniacki

Danish professional tennis player.

Born July 11th, 1990 (age 34 years) in Odense.

Lisa Rinna

American actress.

Born July 11th, 1963 (age 61 years) in Medford.

Justin Chambers

American actor and former model.

Born July 11th, 1970 (age 54 years) in Springfield.

Stephen Lang

American actor.

Born July 11th, 1952 (age 72 years) in New York City.

Rachael Taylor

Australian actress and model.

Born July 11th, 1984 (age 40 years) in Launceston.

Lawrence Stroll

Canadian billionaire.

Born July 11th, 1959 (age 65 years) in Montreal.

Sela Ward

American actress, author, and producer.

Born July 11th, 1956 (age 68 years) in Meridian.

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