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May 16th

392 Notable birthdays

Henry Fonda

American actor (1905-1982).

Born May 16th, 1905 in Grand Island. [ref]

Died August 12th, 1982 at 77 years old in Los Angeles (heart disease). [ref]

David Boreanaz

American actor.

Born May 16th, 1969 (age 55 years) in Buffalo.


American pianist (1919–1987).

Born May 16th, 1919 in West Allis.

Died February 4th, 1987 at 67 years old in Palm Springs (pneumonia).

Debra Winger

American actress.

Born May 16th, 1955 (age 69 years) in Cleveland.

Tori Spelling

American actress and author.

Born May 16th, 1973 (age 51 years) in Los Angeles.

Joseph Morgan

English actor and director.

Born May 16th, 1981 (age 43 years) in London. [ref]

Grigor Dimitrov

Bulgarian tennis player.

Born May 16th, 1991 (age 33 years) in Haskovo. [ref]

Krist Novoselic

American rock musician.

Born May 16th, 1965 (age 59 years) in Compton.

Mare Winningham

American actress and singer-songwriter.

Born May 16th, 1959 (age 65 years) in Phoenix.

Jim Sturgess

English actor and singer-songwriter.

Born May 16th, 1978 (age 46 years) in London.

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