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November 3rd

421 Notable birthdays

Unai Emery

Spanish association football player and manager.

Born November 3rd, 1971 (age 52 years) in Hondarribia.

Jim Cummings

American voice actor and singer.

Born November 3rd, 1952 (age 71 years) in Youngstown.

Prithviraj Kapoor

Indian actor (1906-1972).

Born November 3rd, 1906 in Faisalabad.

Died May 29th, 1972 at 65 years old in Mumbai (cancer).

Amartya Sen

Indian economist and philosopher.

Born November 3rd, 1933 (age 90 years) in Santiniketan.

Michael Dukakis

American politician.

Born November 3rd, 1933 (age 90 years) in Brookline.


Scottish singer.

Born November 3rd, 1948 (age 75 years) in Glasgow.

Larry Holmes

American boxer.

Born November 3rd, 1949 (age 74 years) in Cuthbert.

Gabe Newell

American computer programmer and businessman.

Born November 3rd, 1962 (age 61 years) in Colorado.

Emperor Meiji

Emperor of japan from 1867 until 1912.

Born November 3rd, 1852 in Kyoto.

Died July 30th, 1912 at 59 years old in Meiji Palace (diabetes, uremia).

Dwight Yorke

Trinidad and tobago association football player.

Born November 3rd, 1971 (age 52 years) in Canaan, Tobago.

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