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In the year 1901

632 Notable birthdays

Walt Disney

American animator and producer (1901–1966).

Born December 5th, 1901 in Chicago. [ref]

Died December 15th, 1966 at 65 years old in Burbank (circulatory collapse). [ref]

Clark Gable

American actor (1901-1960).

Born February 1st, 1901 in Cadiz. [ref]

Died November 16th, 1960 at 59 years old in Los Angeles (myocardial infarction). [ref]


Emperor of japan from 1926 to 1989.

Born April 29th, 1901 in Aoyama. [ref]

Died January 7th, 1989 at 87 years old in Fukiage Gyoen (duodenum cancer). [ref]

Louis Armstrong

American jazz trumpeter, composer and singer.

Born August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans. [ref]

Died July 6th, 1971 at 69 years old in New York City (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Youngest daughter of emperor nicholas ii and empress alexandra feodorovna of russia.

Born June 18th, 1901 in Petergof.

Died July 17th, 1918 at 17 years old in Ipatiev House (ballistic trauma).

Marlene Dietrich

German-american actress and singer (1901-1992).

Born December 27th, 1901 in Rote Insel. [ref]

Died May 6th, 1992 at 90 years old in 8th arrondissement of Paris (kidney failure). [ref]

Gary Cooper

American actor (1901-1961).

Born May 7th, 1901 in Helena. [ref]

Died May 13th, 1961 at 60 years old in Beverly Hills (prostate cancer). [ref]

Werner Heisenberg

German theoretical physicist and nobel prize winner.

Born December 5th, 1901 in Würzburg. [ref]

Died February 1st, 1976 at 74 years old in Munich (gallbladder cancer, renal cell carcinoma). [ref]

Fulgencio Batista

President of cuba, 1940–1944; dictator, 1952-1959 (1901-1973).

Born January 16th, 1901 in Banes.

Died August 6th, 1973 at 72 years old in Marbella (cardiac arrest). [ref]

Rudolf Höss

German war criminal, commandant of auschwitz.

Born November 25th, 1901 in Baden-Baden. [ref]

Died April 16th, 1947 at 45 years old in Auschwitz I concentration camp (hanging). [ref]

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