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In the year 1890

521 Notable birthdays

Dwight D. Eisenhower

President of the united states from 1953 to 1961.

Born October 14th, 1890 in Denison. [ref]

Died March 28th, 1969 at 78 years old in Walter Reed Army Medical Center (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Agatha Christie

English mystery and detective writer (1890–1976).

Born September 15th, 1890 in Ashfield, Torquay. [ref]

Died January 12th, 1976 at 85 years old in Winterbrook. [ref]

H. P. Lovecraft

American author (1890–1937).

Born August 20th, 1890 in Providence. [ref]

Died March 15th, 1937 at 46 years old in Providence (small intestine cancer). [ref]

Colonel Sanders

American entrepreneur (1890-1980) who founded kfc.

Born September 9th, 1890 in Henryville.

Died December 16th, 1980 at 90 years old in Louisville (pneumonia, leukemia).

Charles de Gaulle

President of france from 1959 to 1969.

Born November 22nd, 1890 in Lille. [ref]

Died November 9th, 1970 at 79 years old in Colombey-les-Deux-Églises (aneurysm). [ref]

Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese communist leader (1890–1969).

Born May 19th, 1890 in Kim Liên. [ref]

Died September 2nd, 1969 at 79 years old in Hanoi (heart failure).

Stan Laurel

English actor (1890–1965).

Born June 16th, 1890 in Ulverston. [ref]

Died February 23rd, 1965 at 74 years old in Santa Monica (myocardial infarction). [ref]

Groucho Marx

American comedian (1890–1977).

Born October 2nd, 1890 in Manhattan. [ref]

Died August 19th, 1977 at 86 years old in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (pneumonia). [ref]

Vyacheslav Molotov

Soviet politician and minister of foreign affairs (1890–1986).

Born March 9th, 1890 in Sovetsk. [ref]

Died November 8th, 1986 at 96 years old in Moscow (Alzheimer's disease). [ref]

Michael Collins

Irish revolutionary leader (1890-1922).

Born October 16th, 1890 in Clonakilty.

Died August 22nd, 1922 at 31 years old in Bandon (killed in action). [ref]

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