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July 9th

410 Notable birthdays

O. J. Simpson

American football player and actor (1947–2024).

Born July 9th, 1947 in San Francisco.

Died April 10th, 2024 at 76 years old in Las Vegas (prostate cancer). [ref]

Tom Hanks

American actor and film producer.

Born July 9th, 1956 (age 68 years) in Concord. [ref]

Jordan Belfort

American author, criminal, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker.

Born July 9th, 1962 (age 62 years) in The Bronx.

Steven Avery

American man convicted of murder and previously wrongly convicted of rape.

Born July 9th, 1962 (age 62 years) in Manitowoc County.

Courtney Love

American singer and songwriter.

Born July 9th, 1964 (age 60 years) in San Francisco. [ref]

Amanda Knox

American woman exonerated of a murder conviction in italy.

Born July 9th, 1987 (age 37 years) in Seattle.

Riley Reid

American former pornographic actress.

Born July 9th, 1991 (age 33 years) in Loxahatchee.

Kelly McGillis

American actress.

Born July 9th, 1957 (age 67 years) in Newport Beach.

Lindsey Graham

United states senator from south carolina.

Born July 9th, 1955 (age 69 years) in Central.

Jack White

American musician.

Born July 9th, 1975 (age 49 years) in Detroit.

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