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Notables at age 80

812 Notable birthdays

Robert De Niro

American actor (born 1943).

Born August 17th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Greenwich Village. [ref]

Mick Jagger

English songwriter, singer of the rolling stones.

Born July 26th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Dartford.

Danny DeVito

American actor, comedian, and filmmaker.

Born November 13th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Neptune Township.

Diana Ross

American vocalist, music artist and actress.

Born March 26th, 1944 (age 80 years) in Detroit.

Chevy Chase

American comedian, writer, and television and film actor.

Born October 8th, 1943 (age 80 years) in Manhattan.

George Lucas

American film director, producer, screenwriter, and entrepreneur.

Born May 14th, 1944 (age 80 years) in Modesto.

Rudy Giuliani

American attorney and politician (born 1944).

Born May 28th, 1944 (age 80 years) in Brooklyn.

Charles Sobhraj

French serial killer.

Born April 6th, 1944 (age 80 years) in Ho Chi Minh City. [ref]

Danny Trejo

American actor.

Born May 16th, 1944 (age 80 years) in Echo Park.

Ben Kingsley

English actor.

Born December 31st, 1943 (age 80 years) in Snainton.

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